Holding position off Bahamas 1 of 6

So close, but so far, and so many miles to go, going nowhere. The wind picked up from the northeast. Against the Gulf Stream current, and with a couple of sick and pretty much exhausted anticruisers, it was finally too much. The wind shadow of Grand Bahamas island (pictured here, the shadow, not the island: too far to see) didn't do much about reducing the wind speed but certainly kept the waves manageable.

1 of 6 - This sequence of six images shows the process of zig-zagging back and forth, with minimal sail flying, in the lee of land while the anticruisers wait for better weather in the open ocean. Heaving to, or using a sea anchor, was NOT an option: the Gulf Stream would have swept the boat into the open North Atlantic, and the waves would have bashed it to bits.

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