a pair of opportunistic egrets hunt fish killed by the mixing of freshwater in the locks of the Panama Canal

This ship positioning locomotive is one of four (at least) holding the freighter it's attached to, centered in the lock. A new take on road-kill: canal-kill. A pair of egrets wait on the canal wall for stunned saltwater fish to float - belly up. Many bird species have learned to let dinner come to them every time the locks are filled. When the lower locks open, ocean fish enter to gorge on the freshwater creatures stunned by exposure to seawater. While they stuff their faces with dead freshwater critters, the lock gates close, and then they're killed by the freshwater filling the lock. When they're belly up and convulsing on the surface, the patient (probably lazy, certainly lucky) birds scoop up the dead ocean fish. And this happens every time the locks are cycled... it's nature's way!

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