081 - Jun 12th 12:03 CDT

Captain's Log: Wind eased to light breeze(12 kts). Seas still huge and confused, short period. Maybe easing. Crew in intensely foul mood. Worried engine or keel will break loose.
Big waves, no wind
Low scudding clouds over a choppy sea
up and down and up and down is nauseating

082 - Jun 12th 18:09 CDT

Captain's Log: Mission elapsed time 040d/10h:18m:27s Dist 3,649.59 NM Wind light, sea (normal) mod chop. We survived. Worst sea conditions we've ever seen. Beginning repairs
What used to be the galley
Captain faces an overwhelming task
Elena tries to resurrect her laptop computer

083 - Jun 13th 13:43 CDT

Captain's Log: Wind now on the nose, but mercifully light. Smashing into waves, but nothing is as bad as what we went through! Full rig back online and under full sail.

OBSERVATION: Caribbean appears to be a dead sea. Whereas Pacific was full of birds, dolphins, big fish, bioluminescent plankton, haven't seen a one of those here.
Full rig flying

084 - Jun 13th 20:21 CDT

Captain's Log: Mission Elapsed Time 041/12:31:35 Dist 3,774.98 NM Wind has continued to ease. Seas light-mod chop. Under engine + full sail. "Muggy" doesn't begin to describe the conditions.
A glorious Caribbean sunset

085 - Jun 14th 09:35 EDT (local time change)

Captain's Log: Under engine. Sea: glassy and Caribbean blue. Sky: infinitely clear. Wind: none. Stability: total. Relief: all consuming. Life: excellent. What a difference!
Hatch cover surface protector experiment
Weird photo of the sea

086 - Jun 15th 11:28 EDT

Captain's Log: Yucatan channel, flying spinnaker in barely perceptible wind. LIFE: large pack of dolphins playing around us. Many pups. Hilarious antics. Xlent video!

Editor's note: Vessel leaving the Caribbean. West end of Cuba, upper right. Yucatan, lower left. Highest white smudge on the Yucatan is the city of Cancun.
Days of travel marked by Xs on the map

087 - Jun 15th 17:43 EDT

Captain's Log: Mission Elapsed Time 043/08:49:53 Dist 3,959.12 NM A SEAGULL! Wow, first bird we've seen since Panama! Schooning along under spinnaker. Estimating Key West, Fri eve/Sat morn.

088 - Jun 16th 12:34 EDT

Doctor's Log: Emergency Medical Hologram reporting. Crew sicker than a dead dog. Capt sicker than crew. SARS? Typhoid? something tropical. Avoiding USA while medically compromised. Stop in Freeport Bahamas, maybe
Horizontal watch keeping
Drenched shirt cooling

089 - Jun 16th 20:19 EDT

Crew log: Seven of Nine reporting. We are really sick. Staying offshore (clear of USA) until better and strong enough to make landfall. Heading for Bahamas, then Bermuda, if still sick will just drift.

090 - Jun 17th 7:21 EDT

Captain's Log: abeam Key West, heading for Gr Bahamas Isl. Still alive. Probably just a touch of the plague. It's been coming on for days. Landing: too much work

091 - Jun 17th 10:49 EDT

Captain's Log: Mission Elapsed Time 045/01:53:25 Dist 4,216.92 NM Info: Bahamas, nutzo-huge, 3rd world fees for checking in, out, sideways. Continuing north along US East coast as wx allows. Concerned about my health now. Getting weaker. Can't imagine landing this boat. Crew might be sicker than me. Hard to tell but she's giving it her all.

Editor's note: By this time the vessel is adrift in the Gulf Stream, making for the strange heading. The shallows and land to the north (top of frame) are the Florida Keys, about 80 km from the vessel. The relief map of the seafloor shows the trench eroded by the Gulf Stream current, beneath the vessel.

092 - Jun 17th 19:35 EDT

Captain's Log: Dead calm and we're doing 3.5 kts grnd speed. Glassy water, not a ripple, no sails (they'd be useless), no engine (no point). Adrift in the gulf stream. Spooky!

Jun 17th 19:40 EDT
Prev post explained: bad weather to the north, don't feel like all the work of landing, so waiting it out (and recovering from a touch of the plague) at sea.
Adrift in the Gulf Stream

093 - Jun 18th 14:22 EDT

Captain's Log: Drifted east, out of Gulf Stream. Started engine 3 am lcl to motor back into main current. Shut down due to expensive/bad noise. Truly dead in the water now.

094 - Jun 18th 19:49 EDT

Captain's Log: Kathryn Janeway reporting. Mission Elapsed Time 046/10:56:54 Distance 4,328.17 NM No end in sight to foul weather between here and Charleston, NC. Nothing to do, but batten down and bash our way through it.

Jun 18th 19:25 EDT
Chief Engineer's Log: B'Elanna Torres reporting. Engine prob sourced to bad fuel taken on in Colon. Filled from dry in Panama city: all okay. Topped up 5 gal, aux tank in Colon from fuel barge: contaminated
Cruise ship at night
What night looks like

095 - Jun 19th 12:34 EDT

Captain's Log: Took another beating off Miami. Leaving gulf stream for protected waters in Bahamas. Plan to take turns holding position out of big seas while other rests and recovers strength, waiting for passable conditions. Everything hurts.

096 - Jun 21st 13:00 EDT

Crew Log: Waiting out almost deadly conditions in lee of Grand Bahamas Isl. Capt very ill. She's been in bed since Sun night. In and out of consciousness. Improving: she is sipping tea and tylonol. Keeping her fever down with wet towels. Fridge failed, no ice.
Holding position off Bahamas 1 of 6
Holding position off Bahamas 2 of 6
Holding position off Bahamas 3 of 6
Holding position off Bahamas 4 of 6
Holding position off Bahamas 5 of 6
Holding position off Bahamas 6 of 6

097 - Jun 22nd 12:46 EDT

Captain's Log: Left lee of Grand Bahamas Isl, 8:35 EDT for Charleston, SC. ETA 3 days en route. Wx good. Capt's health: stable. Controlling fever w tylonol + plant mister.

098 - Jun 22nd 12:48 EDT

Captain's Log: Crew reports autopilot failure.

Editor's note: Message shortened due to profanity.
GPS shows a boost from the Gulf Stream
A containership barge
A sport-fisher rips the sea to shreds near Charleston

099 - Jun 24th 22:24 EDT

Captain's Log: Although vessel stopped in Charleston, the Mission Elapsed Time continues. Border patrol may disallow entry to USA. Will know in a few days. That's adventure!
Rainy welcome to Charleston

100 - Jun 27th 19:34 EDT

Mission Elapsed Time 055 days, 10h:40m:32s and holding. Total Distance 4,891.85 NM Haven't had entry revoked, assuming we can stay at least a month to repair, rest, re-provision, regroup