061 - Jun 4th 08:07 CDT

Captain's Log: Waiting at the dock, Flamenco Marina, for canal vessel inspection and arrival of Erick, the canal agent. Transit today? Nobody knows... will keep log informed

Editor's note: Purple dashed line is the Panama Canal
live-aboard, cruiser, derelict vessels at anchor off Flamenco Island, Panama
palm tree with coconuts, and a small bird
iridescent hummingbird poses before a bright red backdrop

062 - Jun 4th 12:29 CDT

Captain's Log: Mission Elapsed Time 032/04:33:13 Dist 3,036.82 NM Canal transit scheduled for Tues, June 7. For those following via live webcam, we'll fly the rainbow flag

Editor's note: Vessel is at dock on Flamenco island (at the end of the narrow ismith, bottom center)
psycho cabby and bad hair
colorful, Third World street scene. Panama City, Panama
crumbling architecture in Panama City

063 - Jun 6th 23:40 CDT

CANAL ALERT! Live webcams in the Panama Canal. http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html Track our position to see where and when to watch for us.
sunset over Flamenco light station
crew toasts a farewell to land

064 - Jun 7th 06:37 CDT

Captain's Log: 6:27am entered Panama canal approach. Eta at Miraflores locks, 25 min.
bridge of the Americas, Pan-American highway
Panama canal pilot boat
container ship loading in Balboa

065 - Jun 7th 07:24 CDT

Miraflores locks in sight! We are sharing the lock with a bulk carrier with red and white topsides and a black hull. We'll be center lock, behind freighter
line handlers lounge with their iPhones
crewman Elena, at the helm, and the Panama Canal advisor
Angelina The Great gets a push in the tush

066 - Jun 7th 08:28 CDT

Waiting behind black hulled freighter for the west lane of Miraflores lock. Decommissioned Canadian warship, Algonquin towed into east lane.
decommissioned, Canadian warship, Algonquin
canal tug applies braking force to a decommissioned warship
Canadian warship, Algonquin is maneuvered into the east lane of the Miraflores locks

067 - Jun 7th 10:03 CDT

Canal traffic jam! We're waiting in the Miraflores lock for fog delayed traffic to clear. Should be more than visible on the webcam, behind the freighter.
gay pride (rainbow) flag flies proudly
Elena and the canal adviser, killing time
multiple time shots of the gates closing on the Miraflores locks
Miraflores locks, West lane,
lower lock of the Miraflores locks flooding
chart plotter shows the vessel in the Panama Canal
lower lock, Miraflores west lane, close to fully flooded
canal adviser points out the location of a live WebCam
view south to the Pacific ocean, over the last gate of the Miraflores, lower lock
a service crane on rails between the two lanes of the Panama Canal
double gates separating the upper and lower Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal
gates, separating the upper and lower Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal
egrets hunt fish killed in the locks
upper Miraflores locks at the same level as Miraflores Lake

068 - Jun 7th 11:25 CDT

In a holding pattern in Miraflores lake, waiting for the Pedro Miguel locks to clear, then it's our turn. Still center channel, behind the black freighter.
holding pattern in Miraflores lake
crowds gawk from the Miraflores visitor center
Decommissioned Canadian warship, Algonquin
Rented muscle has little to do outside the locks of the Panama Canal
Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal
Detail of Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal
Buoys mark the channel through Lake Gatun, Panama
Line of Sight channel markers in Lake Gatun, Panama
Channel marker and jungle in Lake Gatun

069 - Jun 7th 18:33 CDT

Captain's Log: 5:35 pm lcl: dropped anchor in Lake Gatun near S end Gatun locks. Next pilot scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 am. Jungle, crocs, birds, amazing technology.
The Gatun Yacht Club
A rented line handler gets some shut-eye
Yachts piggyback on a freighter
Ships anchored at the Gatun Lake Yacht Club
Lake Gatun Yacht Club Anchorage

070 - Jun 8th 11:01 CDT

Captain's Log: In Gatun locks now. Sidewall tied in front of blue and white vehicle carrier. Lost main anchor, snagged on sunken building in lake Gatun. Had to cut chain!$!$
Entering the upper Gatun lock of the Panama Canal
Yacht is tied to the sidewall of the lock chamber
Final maneuvering into a side-tie position
Canal attendant loops mooring line over chamber wall cleat
Chamber wall detail, Gatun locks, Panama Canal
Forward view of middle chamber, Gatun locks, Panama Canal
Car carrier ship enters the upper chamber of the Gatun locks
Ship guiding locomotives at work
Photo vignette of the draining of the upper chamber of the Gatun locks
Moving into the middle chamber of the Gatun locks, Panama Canal

071 - Jun 8th 13:47 CDT

Captain's Log: Departed lower Gatun lock. Pilot collected by canal pilot boat. Enroute Shelter Bay marina (NW corner Limon Bay) to de-boat the rented PanaMuscle, top-up h2O+fuel

Chief Engineer's Log: Forced to cut away main anchor in 12m alligator infested water. Makeshift ground tackle in place using the smaller "lunch hook" anchor. Hoping we don't need to stop!
Vignette, entering the lower -- last -- lock chamber, Gatun, Panama Canal
Built to the maximum width of the canal, ships like this present a delicate challenge.
Northern extremity, lower chamber, Gatun locks, Panama Canal
Time lapse vignette of the lowering level of the last Gatun lock chamber before the Atlantic
Exposed chamber wall, Gatun locks, Panama Canal
The right way to pull a rope
Leaving the last chamber of the Gatun locks
A car carrier leaves the Panama Canal
Atlantic bridge (third Panama Canal bridge) under construction
Western approach to the Atlantic bridge (third Panama Canal bridge) under construction
Panama Canal pilot boat retrieves pilot from car carrier at northern extremity of the canal
South end of the new Panama Canal super-lane
North end of the Panama Canal showing both the original and the new lanes

072 - Jun 8th 15:56 CDT

Captain's Log: Mission Elapsed Time 036/05:57:52 Dist 3,089.74 NM Cleared Colon harbor at 3 pm lcl. Heading north in Caribbean for Key West, Florida, 1170 NM Est Arr 10 days
View south across Limon Bay, Panama
Colon, Panama, container terminal
An oil tanker burns off Colon, Panama
Elena and that look of bottomless despair
Another glorious Caribbean sunset

073 - Jun 9th 12:13 CDT

Captain's Log: 100 NM N Colon. Underway, we swapped huge Genoa for smaller (heavy weather) Yankee head sail. Wind and seas kicking up. Enya is right, water IS Caribbean blue!
Choppy seas
A reefed Yankee storm sail
Rogue wave explodes off starboard

074 - Jun 9th 21:00 CDT

Captain's Log: Entering super active electrical storm. Never seen anything like this! Unavoidable. Thunder continuous. Lightning strikes more than one per second.

Jun 9th 21:17 CDT
Downpour started. Torrential. Flattening waves. Lightning strikes within 200m. Terrifying. Blinding. Strike, maybe 50m. Water vaporised, like artillery strike

Jun 9th 21:32 CDT
Trying to maneuver to less active part of storm. Record! 5 sec w/o lightning. Engine running in case lose elec system. Deep reefed mainsail only.
Radar screen in zero gee
One of the anticruisers wedged into her bunk

075 - Jun 10th 00:30 CDT

Captain's Log: Lightning diminished, sort of. Now wind directly from course. Bathtub toy of a boat goes to windward like flotsam under motor, w/o motor, flotsam outperforms.

076 - Jun 10th 18:16 CDT

Captain's Log: Worst sea conditions I've ever seen. Eratic, blustery wind, violent, steep 3m waves, 2sec period. Rogue waves throwing up towers of water. Breaking over deck. Worried.
A big wave
Image 1 of 5 of a rogue wave impact
Image 2 of 5 of a rogue wave impact
Image 3 of 5 of a rogue wave impact
Image 4 of 5 of a rogue wave impact
Image 5 of 5 of a rogue wave impact

077 - Jun 11th 08:21 CDT

Captain's Log: Still here. Draw a line from Colon to here, that is the worst sailing on Earth. Draw a line from here to gulf of Mexico, maybe that's even worse than this!

Jun 11th 08:49 CDT
Captain's Log Supplemental: Misogynistic asshole canal agent gave us both colds. All we do is hang on tight and observe the destruction. Preying to dog the autopilot holds up. 0g+impact=cra$h
Cabins tossed asunder in heavy weather
The cabin of no return
The remains of the forward cabin

078 - Jun 11th 10:57 CDT

Captain's Log: Dialed in - 23 degree course change for the Yucatan channel, 527 nm wnw current position. Still rough, can't open hatches. L's laptop comp smashed. Books soaked. Big wave broke over cockpit, cushions gone, Bimini ripped, half of table ripped away, some electronics FUBAR and worst of all, Canadian flag ripped. Bummer!

Jun 11th 11:42 CDT
Hey adventure fans! Don't get me wrong, everything might be going to shit, and it's so bad can't even eat, sleep or brush teeth, but THAT'S adventure. It's about the challenge
Water pouring in everywhere
Water pours in through a closed porthole
Better conditions

079 - Jun 11th 20:27 CDT

Injuries: Crew still bleeding 24h after falling into broken glass. Capt knocked out. Headache, blurry vision. Constant broadside rogue waves slamming starboard
Image 1 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 2 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 3 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 4 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 5 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 6 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 7 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 8 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 9 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 10 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 11 of 12 rogue wave attack
Image 12 of 12 rogue wave attack

080 - Jun 11th 20:38 CDT

Captain's Log: Crossing Nicaragua rise,conditions worsening. Broadside near vertical waves slamming us sideways.Hell of a beating. Seawater coming in everywhere. Stuff trashed

Editor's note: The Nicaragua rise is a large area of shallow seas notorious for rough conditions. During ice ages this is dry land.
Seawater runneling across the floor
The companionway getting a rinse
Water cascades from the ceiling