041 - May 23rd 10:15 CDT

Capt's Log. Mission Elapsed Time: [day/hr:min:sec] +020/16:12:43 Distance 2,117.57 NM (3875 km) Avg grnd sp 3.4 kts: no wnd. op 0.9kt current. Fuel: concerned

May 23rd 09:58 CDT
MOST #8 Keep wind gen spinning! Prevents large, cantankerous seabirds roosting on the solar panels. Boobies poop, fight, scream, and rip each others feathers out

Editor's note: Map image is of the seafloor, 5 km below the boat, Range of image is 100km.

042 - May 24th 12:06 CDT

Capt's Log; MET +021/04:16:42 Dist 2,160.50 NM (3954 km) Teensy breeze from NE is letting us sail. 101 Litres fuel left. >900 NM to go. Cutting it close.

May 24th 11:40 CDT
MOST #9 Shade does NOT prevent sunburn! Neither does sunscreen when sweating it off faster than applying it. Hole up and ferment below deck during daylight.

May 24th 11:52 CDT
Offshore Fashion Tip OFT #1 Swim every day in the open sea, shower constantly, and NEVER comb or brush your hair, and TA-DA! Do-it-yourself dreadlocks.

Editor's note: The large feature from the upper left to lower right of the frame is the continental shelf, 150 km from the vessel.
captain dragged behind the boat to cool off
new offshore hairstyle

043 - May 24th 13:38 CDT

Capt's Log; Supplemental. Dead Calm. We're stopped. Don't know for how long. Dangerously hot. Crew moral deteriorating. Food and water supply adequate.
freighter on the horizon

044 - May 25th 10:34 CDT

INFO REQUEST for ANYONE reading this: Not sure posts/positions are being transmitted and posted to this site. PLEASE REPLY using message icon in upper left. TX

Editor's note: commentary about isolation and dealing with it would be good
adult booby stands atop turtle
dolphins frolicking at sunset

045 - May 26th 12:14 CDT

Capt's Log: MET 023d/04h:16m:43s Dist 2,301.43 NM Sp 7.8 kt Wind! Hell of a lot, suddenly. Bevy of boisterous, baby brown boobies on the boat behaving badly!
brown booby chick finds shelter from the wind and sea

046 - May 27th 10:15 CDT

Unmarked, ratty motor VESSEL IN PURSUIT. 1.3 nm off stern and closing. We change course, it sets up for intercept. Responds to VHF hail in Spanish, (singing).

May 27th 12:47 CDT
Capt's Log: 2nd tail showed up. Probably Columbian fishermen looking to add to their catch. Shook off both of them in a thunderstorm. Back on course now.

Editor's note: The message icons are placed on the timeline when in time they were received by the satellite.
boobies hitching a ride
more boobies stowaway on vessel approaching thunderstorm
ominous looking squall line micro-burst
wall of rain approaching from upwind
preening booby chicks

047 - May 27th 20:27 CDT

Capt's Log: 024/12:41:37 Dist 2,438.41 NM Crazy day. Utilizing evening blow to make for the coast. Disturbingly many unlighted, radar-invisible fishing boats.
glorious, tropical sunset from the stern

048 - May 28th 01:50 CDT

Capt's log, 1:45 am LCL. Weaving between thunderstorms. Like riding a mechanical bull, rough, YET at least 5 booby chicks are clinging to the pulpit, asleep!

Editor's note: The boobies weren't there by morning -- when these photos were taken.
big-ass choppy waves
fracking big chop, in a beautiful sunrise

049 - May 28th 15:43 CDT

Capt's Log: Rescued booby with fishing gear wrapped around his leg. Chicks: no fear of humans. M endured a wickedly sharp beak to free the bitey so-and-so.

050 - May 29th 09:41 CDT

Capt's Log MET 024/01:51:20 Dist 2,606.19 NM Necessary to motor in Inter-Tropical-Convergence-Zone(ITCZ).Thndrstrms, no wind, violent chop, Fuel critical.

May 29th 09:23 CDT
MOST #10 Suppress reality. Surviving offshore in a tiny boat is 99% hot, grinding torture that makes for bad copy. Focus on the 1% - now, that's adventure!

May 29th 09:57 CDT
MOST #11 Abandon order. Everything (including you) gets smashed, soaked, filthy, infected, corroded, putrid. Get over it: value nothing but your next breath.

May 29th 12:02 CDT
MOST #12 Laughter is the best medicine! Humor helps. The more wicked the humor, the more effective it is at enhancing survival. Live life with a laugh track.

May 29th 12:15 CDT
Capt's Log Supplemental. Normal in a tiny boat (no wind, open sea) is getting bloody thrashed. Crew unofficially renames ship: "Shitty Shitty Bang Bang" SSBB
galley looks like it blew up
Main salon, living room, dining room, first-class ballroom and physical fitness center in complete disarray
First class dining room and general layabout station in a complete mess

051 - May 29th 18:20 CDT

Capt's Log. LAND HO! 19 days since last seeing land, faint outlines of hills visible between thunderstorms. Booby stowaways must have seen it too, and flew away.
captain points out land
Land ho! The tropical, deforested hills of Costa Rica

052 - May 30th 12:31 CDT

MOST #13 Bring a pole pruner. 3rd world coastline means a gazillion unattended drift nets. A pole pruner is a great way to cut yourself free every 15 minutes.

Editor's note: Reported while vessel traveled over the edge of the continental shelf, approx 50 km from shore.

053 - May 31st 11:16 CDT

Capt's Log MET 028/03:30:20 Dist 2,801.53 NM Will hide at jungly island (few miles ahead) until any idea at all of how to get through the canal is worked out.

May 31st 11:28 CDT
Chief Engineer's Log: Catastrophic failure of the Gooseneck (thingy that holds the boom onto mast).Attempt Jerry-rig if clear of these merciless 6cm wavelets.
gooseneck held in place with hose washers and framing nail shaft
mainsail truck attachments busted loose

054 - May 31st 14:27 CDT

WOW! Killer bees! Drifting close to jungly isle to fix gooseneck. Wind turbine prob killed a bee. Thousands came from jungle and swarmed the turbine! We R gone!
Isla Jicaron, Panama
beach on Isla Jicaron, Panama
iconic beach scene on Isla Jicaron, Panama

055 - Jun 1st 12:30 CDT

Chief Engineer's Log: Electrical fire and failure of engine-alternator. Fire suppressed. Replacing alternator with old backup/spare.
Captain Meg crammed in fixing something

056 - Jun 1st 18:19 CDT

Capt's Log: MET 029/10:29:08 Dist 2,915.35 NM To Panama Canal: 112.37 NM Extreme humidity, everything dripping. Dry chemical fire extinguisher powder all over

Jun 1st 18:46 CDT
MOST #14 Use fire suppressing sparingly. Dry chemical extinguisher powder gets into everything and absolutely everywhere, even with a small fire, and its itchy!

057 - Jun 2nd 15:04 CDT

Capt's log, day 30. 67 NM from Panama Canal and we are completely OUT OF FUEL and adrift without wind. Just bobbing on the waves, soaking up some sun. Ah luxury

Editor's note: Sensing some sarcasm here.
dead calm in the gulf of Panama
dead calm

058 - Jun 3rd 01:35 CDT

Capt's log, day 31, 1:30 am LCL. Adrift. Powerless. Crew asleep below.I'm on deck, no radar or nav.Moonless sky, seeing to infinity, lightning on horizon, wow

Jun 3rd 00:10 CDT
Chief Eng's Log: Severe electrical deficit due to engine charging failure has led to complete loss of radar and onboard navigation. Adrift and blind in the dark.

Editor's note: Center frame, above the vessel one can make out the Panama canal. Directly north, at the top of the frame, is the Caribbean sea.

059 - Jun 3rd 12:13 CDT

Capt's Log: STOPPED AT FUEL DOCK - Flamenco marina, Panama... 32 days at sea. What can I say? It's all going to be okay if I can just stop shaking.
ships anchored at approach to Panama canal
Panama City seen through downpour
Flamenco Marina fuel dock and SSBB

060 - Jun 3rd 22:57 CDT

Captain's Log: Took a slip for the night at Flamenco marina. Tomorrow canal vessel inspection and who knows what's next? Finally to sleep, to rest, stability ahhhh
abrasion, salt, and sun exposure skin damage
chicken legs phenomena following several weeks offshore
crew posed in front of Bucaneros restaurant, Flamenco Island, Panama City, Panama