021 - May 11th 10:06 MDT

High Seas bird report: Ring necked dove vanished yesterday after dark. Starling showed up just after sunrise, he is much healthier, gobbling bananas and water.
Sunrise over the extreme southern gulf of California
Confluence of the Gulf of California and the tropical Pacific, marked by a fog bank.
young starling takes refuge from the sea

022 - May 12th 09:31 MDT

Day 9. No wind. Glassy azure sea. Hot. Desolation is absolute. Water planet. Sea life inventory: Boobies, turtles, flying fish, myriad bioluminescent plankton, jellies, albatross, starling (lost to sea), dove (also lost), squid, dolphins, a lone whale, and the two of us. No other sign of human life since Cabo.
dead calm
reflection of captain caught by the Go Pro

023 - May 12th 17:54 MDT

Captain's Log, Mission elapsed time: 10days, 1hr, 3min, 17sec. Flower crew took first showers today. Needed or not!

024 - May 13th 15:00 MDT

Morgan's Offshore Survival Tip (MOST) #1 - It's bloody hot in the tropics! An easy, if not fragrant, solution is to keep your shirt drenched and feet bare.

025 - May 14th 15:49 MDT

MOST (Morgan's Offshore Survival Tip) #2 - Isolation is a killer! Chores and routine help keep the myriad physical and psychological effects of isolation at bay

026 - May 15th 07:08 MDT

MOST#3 Create space: the ship's a tiny self contained world. Isolation+stress=tension. Mission participants will seek conflict. DO NOT ENGAGE, retreat, accept
eerie sunrise through fog

027 - May 15th 08:44 MDT

Capt Log, MET (Mission Elapsed Time) 303:42:22 h:m:s ->12d, 15hr, 42m, 22s. Sailing: 75%, motoring 25% of time. Fuel level: 61%. Dist remaining to Panama: 53%
car carrier freighter

028 - May 15th 12:19 MDT

Doldrums! Not a breath of wind, glassy, rolly seas. Hot, humid. Ran engine til signs of overheating. While motoring, ran watermaker, enjoy AC, icemaker, etc.
Asymmetrical, cruising Spinnaker without wind
Asymmetrical, cruising Spinnaker in a sock
crewman Elena

029 - May 16th 15:45 MDT

Litany of Ship Happens: #1-hit root ball off Cabo. Ship happens #2-hot water hose just exploded. Impromptu sauna down below. Capt ok, but crew steamed as cabbage rolls. Ship Happens #3 - Brand new mainsail, 10cm too tall. Aluminum head bracket jams between back stays. Colossal force to unjam. Jerry-rig implemented, possible rigging damage

May 16th 15:51 MDT - supplemental
MOST #4 Sleep is vital. Use wet towels as blankets to battle the heat.
pantropical spotted dolphin
heat and calm at sea in the doldrums

030 - May 16th 19:21 MDT

Captain's Log Mission Elapsed Time 014:02:16:34 Nautical Miles From San Diego: 1,485.92 NM NM to Panama Canal: 1,477.30 Speed Max: 12.9 knots, Moving Average: 5.67 knots Wx: good to excellent downwind sailing under spinnaker. Crew and vessel holding up well. Enjoying a spectacular sunset.
dolphin crosses the horizon
weird sunset through a haze of salt and moisture

031 - May 17th 10:53 CDT (local time change)

Captain's Log, X-rated. Crew of Flower exists in a state of nakedness. Hot, humid. Only relief is cold showers, plant misters and stark, raving nakedness.

May 17th 11:17 CDT - supplemental
Ship Happens #4 Captain failure! Using flawless teenager behavior, spinnaker hating crew forced a change to genoa. Captain caved. Yacht thrashed in light wind and horrible chop.

May 17th 18:10 CDT - supplemental
Captain's Log 360:10:45 While far offshore Flower will be known as VOYAGER: intrepid class starship. Captain is "Janeway." Single crew member: "Seven of Nine"

May 18th 10:07 CDT
NOTE: Captain's Log entry 360:10:45 pays homage to our deep, almost fanatic, appreciation of the Star Trek: "Voyager," series. Live long and prosper, trekies!

032 - May 18th 14:50 CDT

MOST #5 Intellectual stimulation helps prevent insanity. Study. Play chess. Write computer programs. Keep a log. Observe nature carefully. Come up with a TOE.

May 18th 14:57 CDT
Ship Happens #5 Sunburn! In the worst places (See Capt's Log X-rated). Hard to sit down. Shade doesn't stop UV. Sunscreen useless while staying drenched.

May 18th 16:15 CDT
Ship Happens #6: Shoes rotting. Both capt and crew have experienced major shoe decay due to sweat, high humidity and constant soaking. Solution: bare feet

May 18th 17:21 CDT
Ship Happens #7: Crew member, 7 of 9, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01, has developed a nasty rash all over her back. Borg nano-probes prove ineffective.
closeup of a nasty rash
brown booby
juvenile brown booby in flight
brown booby in attack configuration

033 - May 19th 10:14 CDT

Capt's Log: MET 16d:16h:17m:48s Distance 1,765.18 NM Speed Max 12.9 knots Moving Average 5.9 knots. Currently upwind sailing. Wnd NE 6 knots, vessel speed 6.2

May 19th 15:11 CDT
MOST #6 Best Before matters: Stocking up on food with an eat by deadline is deadly boring when it comes to consuming before it rots. I see one more tofu weiner!
rancid Kalamata are interred to the sea

034 - May 19th 18:07 CDT

Capt's Log. No Wind. Under motor last 6 hrs. No wind in forecast. Seas glassy with ponderous SW swell. 17:30 lcl (-5:00 utc). Stopped to photograph sea turtle
motoring on glassy seas
sea turtle chasing a yacht
violently aggressive sea turtle

035 - May 21st 00:47 CDT

Capt's log.Wind, right on the snout, and avoiding dazzling electrical storms, thus the crazy track. Huge seas, wild ride, launched from wave crests, then crash!
small vessel deck with untethered crewman at night

036 - May 21st 12:56 CDT

MOST #7 Anything not nailed down(including you)becomes an out-of-control, flying hazard in upwind sailing. Move like a crab, 3 points of contact at all times!
yacht shoved to one side by upwind sailing, interior shot
bow of yacht buried in a mondo wave

037 - May 21st 20:05 CDT

Capt's Log, day 19 at sea. Boom, bang, crash... Sizzle. Wearing helmets to reduce injuries from being slammed by waves. Spectacular thunderstorms everywhere.
convective storms gathering at dusk
thunderstorms forming at dusk
sheets of rain from thunderstorm surround the setting sun

038 - May 22nd 08:42 CDT

Capt's Log, MET 019:14:46:50, Dist: 2,036.55 NM. Awesome electrical-storm activity last night (absolutely surreal-wow) is subsiding. Seas should be calm and glassy for next several days.

May 22nd 09:04 CDT - supplemental
Capt's Log, supplemental: Just blew out the main fuel tank.(don't worry, Mom! It's is an aviation term) and for fellow Yanmar owners: she started right up again!

May 22nd 14:46 CDT - supplemental
UFO sighting! Raft-like Unidentified Floating Object/vessel looking adrift changed course to follow us. Big 4 engine turboprop plane arrived. Looked like military sub-chaser. Both craft vanished behind us.
night-watch and general lounging station
offshore hydroponic onion farming
crew looks for UFOs

039 - May 22nd 14:46 CDT

May 22nd 16:30 CDT
Captain's log - Encountered large school of bottlenose dolphins while motoring through glassy-calm. Poor dickens tried goading us into speeding up by sidling up to the bow like street racers at a light.
dolphins drift alongside in glassy seas
bottlenose dolphin suspended in clear water
dolphin spouts into camera lens

040 - May 22nd 20:43 CDT

Capt's Log, Motoring, calm. 01:40 UTC(8:40 pm) Dialed a 20 deg starboard course change into the autopilot. And so begins the nightly tango with electrical storms.
massive electrical storm at dusk
deck at night, flash illumination