009 - May 5th 00:59 PDT

1 am local time, wind! Or light breeze, but you take what you get. Engine off, full sail flying, beam reach, starboard tack, ah perfection. Sky full of stars.

010 - May 5th 08:19 PDT

Cedros isl visible 30nm to port. Wind light, sea light chop, sky overcast.
mystery photo

011 - May 5th 09:38 PDT

Dead calm, sea glassy, light overcast, under motor.

012 - May 5th 15:36 PDT

Wind light and variable, sky clear, sea calm. Gentle swell: like slowly moving cerulean hills. Autopilot intermittent. Water temp 21c. Saw first flying fish.
mainsail flying
crew NOT flying
Cerulean dunes of water molecules

013 - May 5th 18:47 PDT

Autopilot Jerry rigged. Beam reach breeze making for perfect sailing now. Sun is setting, calm sea, good time to sip tea and read (or write) a novel.
glorious sunset
navigation screen

014 - May 6th 21:21 PDT

Intermittent connection between the autopilot's navigational computer and gyro compass. Interesting. Perfect analog of long distance, deep sea sailing is THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir
captain wedged in sideways

015 - May 7th 09:11 PDT

5-10 knots of NW wind and we have 3m seas? Call Stephen Hawking, the laws of physics are wrong. Crazy-rough! Getting totally thrashed here. Actually surfing.
multiple exposure of downwind sailing
double exposure from the stern showing violent pitching of the yacht
hanging on for dear life in choppy seas
a cabin tossed asunder

016 - May 9th 22:36 PDT

23:30 LCL time. Holding position off Cabo San Lucas. Will use ROV camera and dive if necessary to assess propeller and shaft damage at first light. Good-night log
captain hides under her pillow

017 - May 10th 09:56 PDT

Captain's Log, May 10, nearly 10am local time. Powered a giant root-ball from the propeller and shaft. Full thrust forward, bang reverse, check with camera, repeat 4 times. Good enough. Crew recovering from violent seasickness. Cabo traffic insane. Ski-doos, speedboats, whale chasers, para-gliders.
root ball in boat propeller
root ball on propeller, somewhat diminished
root ball on the propeller, almost gone

018 - May 10th 10:06 PDT

On the move again, barely. Full sail into an intensely light breeze, Cabo's iconic arch recedes slowly. Keeping it together with spit and glue and sheer power of will.
Cabo San Lucas rock arch

019 - May 10th 13:57 MDT (Local time change)

2pm LCL time, same as Calgary! 20nm SE cabo, the volcanic hills are barely visible behind. This is an ocean planet. Fact: Mars has more land surface than Earth
asymmetrical spinnaker and mainsail

020 - May 10th 19:28 MDT

It's getting mighty tropical around here. The water is becoming Caribbean Blue, sea turtles, our first yellow footed booby, and a poor lost dove, 100km from land, circled the yacht several times, exhausted, then landed in the running rigging. She is still there and we have to jibe! Poor creature, her only chance is to stay aboard until we approach land across the mouth of the Sea of Cortez. If she drowns in the sea, it will be an emotional disaster!
ringnecked dove rests in the rigging
navigation station at dusk