Satellite log entries -- from just one of several voyages we've taken to stay together -- provide the framework for this narrative of other journeys we've survived in the fight for our love.
Route of the latest Anticruise
Over the years, the inconceivable lengths we've gone to, the extraordinary risks we've taken, and the abyss we've stared into -- to stay together and free -- have given us a profound appreciation of life, love, and freedom.

Table of Contents Bright and shiny links indicate which entries include dazzling, debriefing reports. More added as we find the time. Following the NPR program on us, is getting all our attention, but soon... I promise, soon the anticruise will be full steam ahead!
Navigating the Anticruise

This web-presentation is organized like a book. You'll get the most out of it by going through it in a similar manner: from beginning to end.

Clipart of an old book called The ANTICRUISE

Carrying on with the book topology, the HOME page is the same a book cover.

Next, is the CONTENTS page (hint, you are on it now). From here, those spacey links, (in the table above) can take you to specific entries.

An IMAGES catalog provides a mind boggling, contact-sheet (a term from the prehistoric times of non-digital photography) array of thumbnail links to each photo used in this presentation. It's provided as: a convenience, to jog memory of where you may have left off reading the entries, or as way to look at an awful lot of pretty pictures without actually reading anything.

what the nav bar at the bottom of the page looks like

These stunningly beautiful, navigation menu-bars (floating gracefully above the bottom of each page) take you sequentially through the presentation. They always know where you are, and exactly where to go next.

laptop clipartDuring the Other-Side-of-the-Continent anticruise - San Diego to Charleston - we posted text messages and position reports to a private blog, via satellite. Turns out, exactly one-hundred of those entries are worth re-posting here, and they make a great framework for this web-presentation.

Here's a typical ENTRY with an explanation of it's various parts.

example anticruise entry
Clicking on these stylish image-thumbnails takes you to their associated photo.
  • Anticruise entries consist of:
    • Entry number, date, and time
    • Map of posting location
    • Log entry text
    • Photos, taken nearby
    • Debriefing Reports, core of presentation
      • The debriefing is underway now
      • New reports are posted regularly
      • Photos from past adventures are included to support the narrative
      • Essentially, it's a blog. Check back obsessively to see if I have a new one posted!