006 - May 3rd 20:24 PDT

Captain's log. Pitch black now. Entirely on radar and autopilot. Big chop. Getting our sea legs. Visited by at least 2 albatrosses today. All systems nominal
flash photo of the helm at night

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Debriefing Report 006

The ANTICRUISE is back on line, and this report is coming soon!

Wanna help?

As Elena says, "A little coin would go a long way toward keeping the writing flame burning!" Both for BOUNDLESS the English version of the story of our escape from Russia, and for The Anticruise, the story of how we are taking back our lives.


That nifty button (above) enables you to donate some flame kindling lucre via Elena's site. Thank you for your interest, encouragement and support!

From here on in, it's just the satellite log entries and selected photos from the San Diego to Charleston anticruise. Keep on flipping pages, enjoy the entries, photos and captions, and check back soon for more of these debriefing reports.